Unoraptormon saga

Dedicated to the series and the Author, JHH Spears

Beta Reading

Links below are for each completed chapter of each book and the books that are in planning.

The content here may be disturbing to some. Viewers discretion is advised. 

Usek (Working Title)
2nd Draft         Ch.1   Ch.2   Ch.3   Ch.4   Ch.5   Ch.6   Ch.7   Ch.8   Ch.9   Ch.10   Ch.11   Ch.12+
Chapter 15+ available to Beta Readers Only
Chapter 18+, 2nd Draft (Coming soon)

Usek: Travels of the Universe 
Planet Forerunner
Chapter 1, 1st Draft (Coming After Usek is published.)
Planet Yi, Planet 4-7
Chapter 1, 1st Draft (Outlining/Being written)
         Planet 4, 5,6,7
All plotted

Harley's Inheritance
         Book 1
Book 2
1st draft written during NaNoWriMo 2020
        Book 3, 4, 5
        Book 6-?

Wishful Thinking 
Horror. Warning! Highly graphic content
        Novel 1
First Draft written during NaNoWriMo 2018
        Comic Volume 1
Writing being updated
Pages will be available on SubscribeStar & Patreon

The Deal
A part of Harley's Inheritance series. Graphic content.
Vol 1-5 sketched, converted to digital files
Page 1 sketched, beginning linework
Pages will be available on SubscribeStar

Collaborate Comic 
 1) On Drury Lane - Punny Mafia Comic
         1st page colored, awaiting shading
         2nd page sketched, awaiting final draft
         3rd-10 page planned
11-? page,  currently in planning phase

2) Prison Comic (Name pending)
             Currently in planning phase 

90's Adventure
 3) Fan Comic (Battle Clash/ Metal Kombat)
    Currently in planning phase

90's Science Fantasy
4) Starcrossed Warlords (Mighty Ducks X Harley's Inheritance )
    Currently being written.